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UPDATE March 2021: The City of Racine razed this 1928 historic landmark Feb-March 2021. This raze was So Wrong. Below is one of many efforts over a 2 year time line to save it.

Now Try This!

You are helping to save the
Capitol-Park Theater!

The raze might start Feb 10-11, 2021, unless we act.

Drawing of the Capitol-Park Theater
3014-3021 Washington Ave, Racine WI 53405


UPDATE Tue, Feb 9, 2021

There has been no response from the city to our submitted PLAN.
 So now let’s try posting to the
Mayor’s Face Book Page and the
City of Racine’s Face Book Page and any others you can think of!

You can copy this comment below, or tell the Mayor and the City what you feel (be sure to include the website, as it brings up a picture of the theater in your post):               Please pause the raze order for
                the 1928 Racine historic landmark Capitol-Park Theater

More updates on our Facebook page too!

How to contact Racine city and state officials
Please email everyone:,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Once the 1928 historic landmark building is gone, it can never be replaced
– Capitol-Park Friends Restoration Committee –
Racine Landmark Building, deemed eligible for National Historic Register

UPDATE Feb. 23, 2021:
Sorry, pledges are not longer
being accepted, as the building
was razed by the City of Racine.  You can still send your comments about how wrong this was
to the Mayor and other officials listed
Please honk your horn twice when passing City Hall to say
save the Capitol-Park Theater!