MORE TO DO NOW, Feb 9-11, 2021

Please Keep Going!

You are helping to save the
Capitol-Park Theater!

We have less than TWO DAYS to turn this around!
Please contact more officials (expanded list at end)
The raze might start Feb 9, 2021, unless we act.

Drawing of the Capitol-Park Theater
3014-3021 Washington Ave, Racine WI 53405


UPDATE Sun Feb 7-8, 2021

On Friday, Feb 5, 2021: We submitted our 7-page Development/Restoration Plan to the City (Mayor and Alders). It was accompanied by a request for the Mayor to reconsider, in light of this plan, and hold a special meeting of the Common Council to discuss postponing the pending demolition, and agree to a stay of 2-3 months. Rehabilitation progress would then be placed on the Common Council Agenda about one month out. Note: the Mayor may call a special meeting at six hours’ notice, so there is still time for this.

UPDATE FEB 9, 2021
FOR 2 days now, the city has NOT RESPONDED at all to our emails or calls about the development PLAN that we submitted. They are simply ignoring us and our PLAN.   The actual raze may start Feb. 10 or 11.

—-We are still looking for legal options, meanwhile, still send messages to the officials, esp. the Mayor is isn’t answering calls. 

More updates on our Facebook page too!


Please email/call the alders (yet again) plus the State Officials added to the list below (you can just leave a message). Tell them that the Capitol Theater Friends HAVE the money to buy the building, insure it for $1 million liability, and repair the roof and walls to seal the building envelope. Ask them again, to please find a way to pause the raze order.

Ask all three of these questions:

  1. Why not just cancel the raze? It will save $150,000 (after the $50,000 cancellation penalty)!
  2. How are they funding this demolition? If through Federal Block Grants, they must do a “Section 106″ review. Have they done this? Show us the report!
  3. Where is the legally required WRITTEN NOTICE (City of Racine Ordinance 18-38), listing the “unsafe” parts of the building? WE HAVE NEVER SEEN THIS WRITTEN NOTICE. Show it to us: it is required BY LAW before a building can be razed.

How to contact Racine city and state officials,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

These two officials require you contact them by online form:

Jeff Coe   (262) 637-0531
Maurice Horton   (262) 770-8377
Mollie Jones   (262) 634-2971
Trevor Jung   (262) 721-6400
Mary Land   (262) 456-6585
Melissa Lemke   (262) 994-8943
Jennifer Levie   (414) 364-2192
Mayor Cory Mason    (262) 636-9111
Jason Meekma   (262) 488-4694
Henry Perez
Sam Peete    262-230-2017
Jeffrey Peterson    (262) 321-4410
Edwin Santiago, Jr.    (262) 822-8302
Natalia Taft   (414) 234-5225
John Tate II    (262) 770-5183
Marcus West   (262) 930-2200

Please, please call the MAYOR (again) and ask him to listen to his voters! He can be the hero here: his leadership can be good for everyone!
Holding the Chief Inspector accountable is the responsible thing to do.

We only have days left to save this 1928 historic building.
There are three ways to contact the Mayor (use them all!)

  1. Online message form:
  2. MAYOR phone: 262 636 9111
  3. MAYOR email:

Once the 1928 historic landmark building is gone, it can never be replaced
– Capitol-Park Friends Restoration Committee –
Racine Landmark Building, deemed eligible for National Historic Register

Please Pledge:

Please honk your horn twice when passing City Hall to say
save the Capitol-Park Theater!