We tried to ……….Save the Capitol-Park Theater

Sadly, this 1928 Historic landmark Theater was razed Feb 23, 2021-April 12, 2021 by the City of Racine Mayor.

The 1928 Capitol Theater is part of Racine’s history and it should have been saved and restored.

The 1928 Capitol Theater name was changed to the Park in 1981.
When restored it would have again be called the Capitol.

~1994 Facade protected during the granting of a conditional use permit
~2006 – 2021: listed as “Historical Parcel” on Racine property records
~ 2016: Deemed eligible for the National Historic Register
~ 2020 LANDMARK STATUS granted by the City of Racine, Dec 1, 2020!

THANK-YOU to the alders 
who made this landmark status possible for Racine’s history ( vote 11-3)
And thanks to the many who contacted the officials with information!

Here’s some Good News/Bad News: On Milwaukee Article

We raised enough pledges for immediate repairs & liability insurance; but Mayor Mason and building inspector Plaski ignored the better & positive option to repair and restore this landmark building.
Sadly, it was razed Feb.-April 2021.

Thank-you to everyone who showed critical support with a monetary pledge, if we had saved the building.
These pledges are no longer due,
as the building has been razed.

~ We do have a legal bill to pay, and ask that you might please help. Info on this website:

We will continue to add to this website; with memoires, photographs and updates on the future requiem.

Repairing and restoring this building was
a BETTER OPTION than razing it.
It is so Wrong that it was razed.

Find your alderman here: https://cityofracine.org/CityAlderman/

~ Capitol Theater Friends ~