Save The Capitol-Park Theater

Please visit the UPDATE PAGES. THIS 1928 Historic Theater WILL BE RAZED IF WE DON’T STOP IT.………….. By Feb. 10, 2021

The 1928 Capitol Theater is part of Racine’s history and it needs to be saved and restored.

The 1928 Capitol Theater name was changed to the Park in 1981.
When restored it will again be the Capitol.

LANDMARK STATUS granted by the City of Racine, Dec 1, 2020!
THANK-YOU to the alders who made this possible for Racine’s history( vote 11-3)
And thanks to the many who contacted the officials with information!

Here’s some Good News/Bad News: On Milwaukee Article

BUT the Raze order STILL stands.
Jan 12, 2021, the city is reviewing the low raze bid! PLEASE HELP!
If we can gather enough pledges for immediate repairs maybe we can convince the city to pause the raze order.

Please show your support with a pledge. (If the effort fails, no pledge is collected.)
But right now:  YOU CAN help save this historic building with a pledge.
Click the button below and make a difference!

Also, contact officials, ask them to pause the Raze order.
Repairing and restoring this building is
a BETTER OPTION than razing it right now!

Find your alderman here:

Capitol Theater Restoration Committee, affiliated with the West Racine Alliance (501-c-3 non-profit)