The City is on the verge of voting for a raze contract against the
Capitol Theater

The Capitol Friends are seeking an injunction. Unfortunately, due to the weekend and Monday holiday, it is unknown at this moment if that can happen. Please, read all of this page to see how to help. It may be our last chance.

Jan 16, 2021

  • On Jan. 12, 2021, the Public Works Committee voted (3-1) to recommend a raze contract bidder to the common council for their Tue, Jan. 19, 2021 meeting. If the common council awards a contract, the effort to save might be over.
  • So, we are asking everyone to write again, the same letter (or a variation or a new one), BUT THIS GOES TO A DIFFERENT LIST OF PEOPLE who will make the final decision.


On Jan. 14, 2021 — TWO structural engineers came to the Capitol-Park building and reviewed the structure: it is stable. It is not showing signs of structural distress despite the inspector’s repeated claims. The engineers offered to speak with all the alders, to make sure they are have all of the actual facts.

This may be the final chance, unless they POSTPONE
awarding the raze contract on Jan. 19, 2021’s agenda.


THE BEST WAY to convince
the Common Council at this point is to, once again, contact them.
to razing this historic landmark building

  1. They can make a motion to POSTPONE the issue (Robert’s Rules of Order, #31): because conflicting reports must be resolved.
    The architect and 2 structural engineers say the building is stable, and not in imminent danger. Require the Building Inspector to produce the legally required supporting documentation to prove his general claims. Meanwhile the Capitol Friends will insure the property to assure the officials.
  2. Defer (table) the raze contract approval, and pause the process
    Debate the waste of spending $225,000 of taxpayer money just to end up with an empty lot! This money can be saved – citizens want to repair and restore the building. It would be better to make a grant to the Capitol-Park Theater for restoration and repair of the building.
  3. ASK the alders to CALL the engineer who offered to talk with them (they have his phone number)
    Ask them also to read the InSite architect’s report (which they have), and talk with the second structural engineer when she calls to give her evaluation.
  4. ASK the alders to require the building inspector to substantiate, in detail, his claim that the building is a danger
    His general claims are in contradiction with the on-site evaluation and report made by InSite Architects (who are fully licensed) and the on-site evaluation made by TWO experienced structural engineers.
    All of the professional experts say the theater is stable and well built.

    Drawing of the Capitol-Park Theater

    3014-3021 Washington Ave, Racine WI 53405


    (The Building Inspector did say it could be repaired, at the Planning, Heritage and Design Commission meeting, Oct. 28, 2020.)

  5. PLEASE PREVENT a terrible, irreversible decision!
    Razing is irreversible! This 1928 building is a historic landmark! It can also be an economic benefit to the City! Ask them again to postpone the contract approval, to meet with the citizens before deciding. The Capitol Friends are waiting to work with the City!

Remember: This raze contract bid is $225,000 of taxpayer money and will result in an empty lot that no one will be able to buy due to this lien. The taxpayers cannot afford to waste this money when citizens can SAVE THE CITY THIS COST by restoring the building.


Contact aldermen (you don’t have to be a Racine resident to write)
City of Racine Residents, Racine County Residents; Former Residents:

    • Call and leave a quick message, and email the Common Council Alders (contact info below).
    • Ask them to PLEASE find a way to pause the process, table the contract, save $225,000; review the licensed architect’s report & reports from structural engineers of the building’s true stable condition, and/or make a motion to work with the citizens before making the irreversible mistake of razing a loved local 1928 historic, landmark building.
  • Everyone:
    Please join us with a pledge in any amount for immediate repairs. The building IS stable, but roof and exterior masonry repairs are needed ASAP. Costs for this first stage are estimated at $103,000. Your pledge will not come due until we have signed contracts for this work.
    Pledge here to show the City there is public support for saving this historic building!
How to contact the Common Council Alders
  • Letters must be sent BEFORE 3 pm Tue. Jan. 19, 2021; sooner is better.
  • Your name and mailing address must be included or it won’t be accepted
  • Just highlight and copy this list and paste it into your email “to” field:

clerks@cityofracine.org, edwin.santiagojr@cityofracine.org, Henry.Perez@cityofracine.org, Jason.Meekma@cityofracine.org, jeff.coe@cityofracine.org, jeffrey.peterson@cityofracine.org, John.TateII@cityofracine.org, marcus.west@cityofracine.org, mary.land@cityofracine.org, maurice.horton@cityofracine.org, melissa.lemke@cityofracine.org, Jennifer.Levie@cityofracine.org, Mollie.Jones@cityofracine.org, natalia.taft@cityofracine.org, samuelpeete1@gmail.com, trevorjung@gmail.com, capitoltheaterfriends@gmail.com

Jeff Coe   (262) 637-0531
Maurice Horton   (262) 770-8377
Mollie Jones   (262) 634-2971
Trevor Jung   (262) 721-6400
Mary Land   (262) 456-6585
Melissa Lemke   (262) 994-8943
Jennifer Levie   (414) 364-2192
Mayor Cory Mason    (262) 636-9111
Jason Meekma   (262) 488-4694
Henry Perez    Henry.Perez@CityofRacine.org
Sam Peete    262-230-2017
Jeffrey Peterson    (262) 321-4410
Edwin Santiago, Jr.    (262) 822-8302
Natalia Taft   (414) 234-5225
John Tate II    (262) 770-5183
Marcus West   (262) 930-2200

The Racine Common Council meets 7 pm Tue; Jan. 19, 2021
Watch it, City of Racine Facebook page: