Last Plea for Help*

update Aug 24, 2021 letter ~ landmark Capitol-Park Theater, Racine, Wisconsin

Thank-you to all of you (thousands of people) who joined the effort to save the 1928 historic landmark Capitol-Park Theater. Though we didn’t save it, we came close. During this effort, we also worked with 8 attorneys (6 were pro bono) but as things progressed, we needed intense hours of legal work and drafting of specialized documents, so we needed to hire a firm. 
We have already sent four installments and are almost ready to send a 5th which will total $4, 670 to the law firm, made with direct contributions, and historic brick sales! So far, direction contributions (thank-you) from
Pippin Michelli, Paul Zens, Judith Schulz, Jon Eeg, Jane Brosseau, Mary Ann McGinn,  Peter Trefren,  anonymous, Sally Brown, Barbara Luke, Marcia Pfost, Sandra Schwellenback. Tony & Vivian Merlo, Allen Raasch, Richard Kalinoski, Emily Hein, Tom Elias, Joanne Haysmer-Wachs, Jeanne Denney, Reme Sullivan, Marta Kultgen, Deborah Yale, Tim Miller,
Ruth Mitchell, Mark Giese, Joy Webb, Kathy Carson,
(and may we add your name to this list?)

~ HERE is the plea for your help
~ As of Aug 24, 2021 we need to yet raise the last $342 for the legal bill. 
*Your contribution of any & every amount helps, and is so appreciated!
~ And you would be able to say you were one of those who helped with the legal bill in the effort to save this historic landmark

~ Please help, and kindly include the form below with your check.
~ Thank-you very, very much~ from Judith Schulz, Pippin Michelli, Jon Eeg and many other Capitol Theater Friends, too.

~ Remember, when you help with this bill, you have unique bragging rights that you helped with the legal effort to try to Save the 1928 historic landmark Capitol-Park Theater Building! 
Please contact us with any questions –  Capitol Theater Friends ~

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 *–HOW TO HELP us pay the last of the legal bill
Goal date is Wed. Sept. 15, 2021
1. Please make check out to the law firm
Mallery S.C.
2. Include memo on bottom of your check:
                     “We tried to Save the Capitol Theater”
3. Include on separate slip:
•Your name
• Email
4. Mail check: J. Schulz, 533 Milwaukee Av, Burlington, WI 53105 
5. ___Yes, we may include your name as a contributor ( amounts will not be listed)      
~ we will keep you posted about the total                          

~ thank-you very much ~
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

to help pay the legal bill – BUY A BRICK – $10 cash only
1 brick = 4 pounds of Racine history!
Next brick sale: TBA

THE RACINE JOURNAL TIMES June 28, 2021, and 7 photos are online:
click here:

More info on everything
Facebook page:

Hope you are checking our Facebook posts about the Capitol Theater and info for updates. The raze was so wrong.   Many of us were there daily to document the stages of this, learning more about the building’s 93-year-old structure.  It was built even stronger than anyone thought! 

Sadly, the site has been filled with truckloads of fill dirt, the raze is completed. The grass is now growing. There is nothing visible left of the Capitol-Park Theater on the site anymore. It did gain Landmark status, thanks to the efforts of many. 

~ A requiem will be held on the former site of the Capitol Theater. (TBA)