Thank-you for your Pledges

Sorry, pledges are not longer being accepted. As you probably know, the City of Racine has razed this historic landmark 1928 building
for no good reason.

See our FB page for info:

Thank-you so very Very much to those who pledged and supported the efforts to save this building. Pledges are a noble promise made, but the pledges will not be collected now. They made a tremendously important difference to the purpose and and project, and how close we all came to saving this history.

~ We do have a legal bill to pay yet, and ask that you might please help. Info on this website.

We tried to save Racine’s 1928 historic Capitol-Park Theater, and came close, thanks to the thousands who helped.
Time ran out for us, and the City of Racine Mayor Mason
has razed this landmark building: Feb 23- April 12, 2021.

    Please contact the Mayor, city officials and all of the alderman and let them know
    that it was wrong to raze this 1928 historic landmark building.

    If you’d like to call or email them, their info can be found here:

    ~ Capitol Theater Friends ~