Please Pledge

Help save Racine’s 1928 historic Capitol/Park Theater

Time is short: the City of Racine has a raze order on it

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The Board members have all made a monetary pledge – please join us with a
pledge in any amount for immediate roof and tuckpointing repairs. The first
round of these costs is estimated at $103,000. Your help is needed.

Send no money now, pledges will only be collected when the non-profit 501(c)3 organization acquires the building and has signed contracts for the immediate roof and masonry repairs. If that doesn’t happen, the pledge will never be collected. Your pledge right now
helps the city to see that we can do this!

    Pledges will help demonstrate to the City that we can save this historic building!

    And, if you are a Racine resident
    please contact your alderman and let them know
    you care about this beautiful historic building.

    If you’d like to call or email them, their info can be found here:

    Capitol Theater Restoration Committee, affiliated with the West Racine Alliance (501-c-3 non-profit)